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Monday, December 30, 2013

Starts with Goodbye

Everyone that comes into your life promise you the sun, the moon and the star. But in the end of the day - they left without any promises been made.

Different story, same ending...

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Achievement of 2013

Okay, time flies and 3 months left until 2014. Let me see what I have accomplished so far that I stated earlier this year. 

1. Tattoo (Checked) 

Would want to get at least another one or two this year, I manage to get one in 2012. So am I brave or not? Damn proud I have the courage to do it.

*Got a new tattoo on my hip

2. Financial (Checked) 

Do not want to stuck on the status quo anymore, realize my salary is way too low compare to others of my friend and I felt so pressure due to responsibility to leave my current job. The current job; I do not know where am I heading in the future. I'm just kinda tired of it as it is just a cycle of doing the same thing over and over again.

I need more money in order to feed myself and at least get myself and my family something good in the future.

*I'm off the hook from that tremendous struggle from my previous jobs 

3. Vacation (Checked) 

Hmmm... This time I would like to be a little greedy perhaps? Wanna travel to overseas, maybe at least one or two as well. Explore the world and get myself some off time from hectic work.

*Does Singapore counts even though I had travel a couple of times this year?! 

4. Relationship (Checked)

Well 2012 is been a mess for me in term of relationship. How shall I put this? Hmmmm well here it goes.

"We met, we talked, we flirted, I fell for you, I trusted you, I take care of you, you flirted with her behind my back, you betrayed me, you ruined everything. End of story"

This year I wanna be brave enough to start everything over; fresh; new;  again & again. It's only in risking getting it wrong that we get it really right. I'm gonna love hard and dedicate my heart to that special someone who really cares and love me. Even though if this heart gonna break again, I don't care because life is too short to focus on the future.

*Well I can say I'm thankful for what I had and God has been good to me :) 

5. Friendship (Checked) 

This year am gonna make more new friends than 2012 because it actually will enhance my network for the future :D

*Yeap, I surely did make lots of friends 

6. Books (Checked) 

Read and Read and Read, this is the only thing that could broaden your knowledge so that when speaking to anyone you could just easily continue a conversation with them. So let's read!

*I think I should read more still 

7. Family (Errrrrrr)

Well, am really gonna spend more quality time with them as more laughter. A house is not a home when there's no one there to hold you tight and no one there you can hold on to so cherish the people that you are closet to.

8. Exercise (Noooooooo)

Really need to start exercise and get my stamina back. Moreover, this year gonna train to have a good abs at least. Been fat lately! :(

*Okay I haven't achieve any abs till to date, kinda frustrated now! Purrrrrfffff

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Jilted Love

I want you to be happy, and if it’s not with me that’s fine.

Because you’re the only person I have loved enough to put before myself.

Seeing you happy, makes me happy, and that’s what love is….


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to Get Over an Ex

After been through so much of being a human, I saw this article and it does make lots of sense now. Just for sharing:- http://justmytype.ca/gettting-over-an-ex-my-ask-amy-column-as-seen-in-the-24-hours/


Monday, July 22, 2013

Everything Has Changed!

Everything has changed, and if your feelings had changed something would have changed with us. Then I don't want to lose you as a friend so I play cool beans, and I go with the flow, and as a result the 'wear my heart on my sleeve’ side of me has been suppressed.

I don't have much to say as closure or “in conclusion”.
Just this: I like you, and I'm going to be taking a step back. Finding better ways to spend my time/emotion rather than running back to your arms which it leads nowhere.  

No more bonding with my family, no more making dinner plans, no more really cleaver or funny texts, no gay parties, no more planning for the weekends. No more... xA

Friday, July 19, 2013

Finding "The One"

I've been told that you know someone is the one by just knowing. If you have to ask yourself if she is, then she isn't and if two people are meant to be then they will be. All these fairy-tale statements about finding the love of your life, but I believe the best piece of advice I've gotten goes like this.

You won’t know if someone’s the one until your last dying breath. When death is looking you in the eyes and you have that one last moment to reflect back on your life, you will then see who took that life journey with you. You will know without regret, that you wouldn't change your history together for anything.

It’s then, and only then, that you’ll know she’s the one. Until then, you go after her, you pursue her and you follow your heart, because the worst thing you can do is miss that once in a lifetime opportunity wishing you could get it back. xA 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Keep Me Wondering

Some psychological studies suggest, when you can't stop thinking about someone, it's likely because they're thinking about you as well.

I do not know how true is it? But just share though. xA